Xi reviewed 18 vessels from 13 countries invited to participate in a naval parade on Tuesday afternoon. The foreign vessels in the waters off eastern China’s coastal city of Qingdao saluted Xi, who was on board the destroyer Xining, in their traditional manners as they passed by. The destroyer XiningContinue Reading

ulsory education, basic medical care, housing, drinking water, eldercare and ch ild care, in addition to addressing other pressing issues for some groups in society. Social security mechanisms to help those most in need will be furthe r refined, with subsistence allowance systems set to be optimized, the statement said.Continue Reading

tivity of infrastructure, unimpeded trade, financial integration and closer people-to-people ties as its main goals, has advanced in solid steps, the report said. “Significant progress has been made, including a number of landmark early results. Participating countries have obtai ned tangible benefits, and their appreciation of and participation in theContinue Reading

ulti-layer capital market system, strengthening investor p rotection, promoting securities industry innovations and enhancing regulation. New revisions were submitted for a second reading in April 2017 to improve regulation on such areas as stock trading, acquisitions of listed firms, information disclos ure and investor protection. The second draft also demandedContinue Reading

China’s economy grew better than expected in the first quarter and market confidence was raised in an outstanding way, according to a statement from a meeting presided over by President Xi Jinping on Friday. During the meeting of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, membersContinue Reading